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UNRE AI Limited, established in 2017, HongKong, it integrated all 3D IP from S Square System which started from Feb. 2011. UNRE is a leading 3D face processing solution provider helping partners capture and manipulate 3D content.

The core tech of UNRE AI is 3D face processing including 3D face scanning, 3D face morphing, 3D face-to-face merging, 3D facial feature tracking, 3D facial feature measurement, 3D facial data encryption/decryption, and 3D facial data compression/decompression. We are using state-of-the-art techniques in computer vision and AI to provide deeply 3D face engaging experience in real time.
Sun Yansheng
The founder of UNRE Technology, the 3D intelligent vision technology expert, the world's first developer of image compression chips and systems, founded three companies listed on NASDAQ (WEITEK, C-CUBE, DVS), which is one of the main inventors of the world's first VCD, one of the founders of China Wanyan Electronics.

He also won the European DVD Summit MPEG Technology Lifetime Achievement Award and the American TV Emmy Award for Technology. At the same time, it has 3D scanning imaging, 3D modeling, face recognition, AR, VR and many other proprietary technologies, and won many international invention gold awards. Dr. Sun is the founder and chairman of S Square in Hong Kong, the chief scientist of UNRE Technology, and a director and consultant of SeeReal Technologies in Germany.
Company Locations
Business Cooperate
Tel: +86 755-26401645
Email: business@unre.com
Technical Support
Tel: +86 0755-26401645
Email: support@unre.com
HongKong: Unit 309, Building 16W, Phase 3, Hong Kong
Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
ShangHai: Building D10-D11, No. 58-60, Lane 3188, XiuPu Rd,
PuDong District, Shanghai , China
ShenZhen: Room 401K, BAK Technology Building, Keyan Road
No.9, Sicense and Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
City, China
ChengDu: 1st Floor, Tower D, No 9 Building, Incubation Park,
High-tech Zone, ChengDu, Sichuan