UNRE 3D Scanning : Support iOS, Android and Windows
Q: What is UNRE 3D AIO?
A: UNRE 3D AIO is an Android smart tablet that supports dual mode 3D cameras. UNRE 3D AIO deeply integrates UNRE 3D Senz algorithm engine, supports 3D face/object precision scanning, 3D face analysis and deformation, 3D object measurement, 3D data compression and other 3D application development SDK, providing full-stack service for software,hardware, and technical support.
Q: Why choose UNRE 3D AIO?
A: AI+3D super computing ability
    Support dual mode 3D camera
    Support series 3D application development SDK
    Portable and light
Q: What is AIO Application?
A: 3D Beauty
    3D Object measurement
    3D Try-On
Q: What kind of 3D cameras can be used for AIO?
A: Intel D415
    UNRE U8091
Q: What kind of SDK can support AIO?
A: 3D face scanning SDK
    3D face analysing SDK
    3D face morphing SDK
    3D face merging SDK
    3D object measurement SDK