UNRE 3D Scanning : Support iOS, Android and Windows
UNRE AI One Shot 3D Face Capture System
Depth Camera: intel Realsense D410 x 3
Or UNRE U8089 x 3
RGB Camera: 13M Pixel USB Camera Module x 3
Processing Platform: i7, 8GB RAM, GPU: GeForce 1070
Processing OS: Windows
Experience Display: Touch Screen
One Shot 3D Face Capture Core Technology Advantage
Video Capture
Wide View Angel recording device
Computing by UNRE
High-quality 3D face model second-level reconstruction
The quality of point cloud reconstruction is significantly better than mainstream software
8X reconstruction speed increased
Virtual Experience
Highly realistic, Interactive
Real-time dynamic 3D model Rendering
Industry Partner
System Integrator
Beauty Customer & Virtual Try-On
UNRE One Shot Core Technology Niche
Device Side
(RGB+D) color point cloud generation engine
ARM embedded system CPU / GPU / DSP / NPU edge optimization algorithm library
Submillimeter high precision high quality 3D imaging module
Industry supply chain advantage
3D Computer Vision Engine
Real-time point cloud synthesis algorithm
Real-time structure-from-motion(SFM) reconstruction algorithm
3D data deep learning recognition framework
Human face feature tracking and model reconstruction algorithm
Real-time multi-sensing fusion SLAM technology
3D Computer Graphics Engine
Second-level mesh reconstruction algorithm
Real-time/realistic mesh deformation fitting
Highly realistic dynamic material global illumination calculation
Head model point cloud coding compression
Grid sequence coding compression
UNRE 3D One Shot Product Specification

  • High precision ~0.1mm 3D face model.
  • Cross platform viewer with dynamic lighting,
    view angle, shadow and backgrounds.
  • Export OBJ, FLY, STL.
  • 1800 half head covered.
  • Generated by single shot .
  • High precision ~0.1mm.
  • Cross platform photorealistic viewer
3D Camera Application
3D Face Scanning (Nearly 100% secure 3D Face recognition) ,3D Object Scanning(360° Scanning)