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UNRE AI Limited was founded in 2017. With advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, the company concentrates on developing core technologies such as 3D photography and modeling of face, human body, object and space, artificial intelligence analysis and measurement, transmission, storage and display interaction, through embedded (CPU, GPU, NPU, DSP) programming, edge computing technology and integrated hardware system production. Product design and supply chain management, together with cloud computing, data storage and large data analysis, provide deep empowerment for vertical industries such as medical and cosmetic industry, security industry, new retail industry, building measurement and industrial measurement, and provide customers and partners with software, hardware and data services in a all-in-one stack product. Help customers upgrade products,improve efficiency.
The headquarter of UNRE is in Hong Kong and has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. At present, there are about 70 employees, 90% of them are core engineers, more than 10 are doctor’s degree, UNRE already got more than 100 software copyright and invention patents
At present, the software and hardware product solutions of 3D AI medical and aesthetic consultants have been launched for the medical and cosmetic industry to help online and offline medical and cosmetic enterprises improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce marketing costs. In order to meet the requirement of intelligent digital upgrade of measured data in building measurement industry, a series of professional AI measuring equipments, such as UCL360 and UCL180, have been introduced, which can improve the measuring efficiency, save cost and improve the efficiency of information management for housing enterprises.
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Company Milestone
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