2D FaceID
2D Face ID

UNRE designed front-end FaceID IPCamera captures realtime images and detects human faces automatically. UNRE FaceID SW Engine can recognize the faceID within the face database by 1:N analyzing the human faces captured from the UNRE designed front-end FaceID IPCamera with the face database. The recognition result and record will be transmitted to storage server, and customers can retrieve the result and record remotely through the management platform, which is linked with central server.

Anti-interference recognition algorithm, focus on dealing with the special cases under light-against environment and low lightness environment.

Side-face recognition enhancement algorithm, focus on dealing with incomplete faces captured result.

Motion recognition technology, focus on the recognition and analysis among multiple angles of 2D images.

Face identification standalone SDK, integrated into corporate private cloud server and fulled managed by corporate customers individually to ensure the information security.

Embedded face detection algorithm, which can lower down the calculation cost in server side.

AI self-learning technology, which can cover the fast increase of user amount.

Complete APIs, which can cover different kinds of application scenes.

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