Scan and print your object without any 3D editing. Use a turntable, sit back, and get your 3D Model.


Check your scanning immediately. Get model in a coffee time.


Move camera in handheld or fix it on a stand. Do It Yourself.



Technical Information

Color Scanning: Full Color, Single Color
Scanning Dimension: 10 cm to 5 m
Depth Accuracy: 1 mm
Supported Camera: PrimeSense Carmine Series, Intel® RealSense™ F200 Camera: Asus Xtion Series, Microsoft Kinect for Windows (v1) Series
Scanning Distance: 0.35 m to 3 m , 0.2 m to 1.2 m (RealSense)
Max Depth Resolution: 640 x 480
Max Color Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Scanning Speed: 30 frames per second
Connecting Interface: USB 2.0 / 3.0
Supported File Format: STL, OBJ, PLY, 3DS
Additional Function: Auto Hole Filling, 3D Marker Detection, Auto Tracking,
Additional Accessories: Desktop Turntable, Human Turntable, Sensor Stand, 3D Marker Plate
Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit)


Q: Does your software have a trial version?
A: No. This software works properly only after you purchase one of the product packages.

Q: Can I use another USB dongle with the same software?
A: If you want to change your USB dongle, you have to uninstall and reinstall the software.

Q: Why can’t I run the software with middle or high quality?
A: Please extend your graphics memory to 2GB or above.

Q: Can I scan without any turntable?
A: Yes, turntable is not compulsory. You can scan any object or human by moving your camera on handheld mode. But you have to ensure that you can make your movement stable.

Q: How to judge the object or the human is in corrected area?
A: Move the object or human until most of them are covered by blue colour in the camera view.

Q: What is marker, how can I make my 3D own marker?
A: Marker is used to define the volume of scanning object. Your unique 3D marker is included in the package. You can simply print it out on a white paper with the proper size. However, every 3D marker is unique, which means that you have to use another marker for each dongle.
If you would like to make it yourself, please go to "Start Menu > SenseObjects Setting" after your first time activation. Then, click on "Show my 3D marker" and your unique marker pattern will be generated. Please print the image on a white paper, and leave more than 1cm white margin on it. After that, you get a 3D marker (black area).

Q: what is the suggest size of marker?
A: Suggest size is 140mm x 140mm for full body scan and bust scan, 106mm x 106mm for object scan, 60(to 80) mm x 60(to 80) mm for face scan.

Q: Why my 3D marker detection is not stable, and the scanned out 3D model is incomplete?
A: You can go to "Start Menu > SenseObjects Setting", then you can see a "marker size" setting. Please measure your 3D marker width (black area), and match its size in millimeter. After you have saved the setting, it should be stable now and you can get a good 3d model with it. Make sure that the paper is flat.

Q: How can I review the 3D model?
A: You can download an open-source software Meshlab to open the exported 3D files. It’s free software for 3D model viewing. You can also download it from iTunes Store and Google Play.

Q: Why my software always stays at the starting interface?
A: if you have already inserted a USB license key and your network is normal, please check your system time.

Q: What is the system requirement?
A: You have to ensure that your graphic card supports OpenCL, and updates its driver to the latest version (nVidia, AMD, Intel). We only support 64-bit Windows. For more details, check the readme file after installation.

Q: Should I connect to the internet during the 3D scanning?
A: No, our 3D scanning is not network dependent, which means that you can disconnect from the internet during 3D scanning. However, you have to connect to the internet at the first time starting, so that your software key can be activated on the cloud server.

Q: Can the 3D model be printed out by FDM 3D printer?
A: Yes, all our 3D models are 3D printable once you turn on “hole-filling” feature. For FDM 3D printer, you can export your 3D model into “STL” file, then you can import it to most of the 3D printer software.

Q: Will you support for Intel® RealSense™ camera?
A: Yes, we are now supporting for Intel® RealSense™ series.