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You may use our services through various ways, for instance, by logging into the official website of Unre3D to purchase Unre3D products, by using Unre3D mobile terminal software or by using other services. If you share information with us (for instance, by creating a Unre3D account or filming your face image), we may provide you with better services, for example, by displaying more closely related product updates or advertisements or providing you with customized suggestions to optimize the face image or helping you contact others or share contents with others more quickly and easily. 

This Policy provides how Unre3D should use and protect the information related to and provided by you to Unre3D by using Unre3D services and what steps you may take to protect your privacy rights. If you disagree with the contents of this “Privacy Policy”, relevant services will be unable to provide to you due to absence of necessary information and you are also required to immediately stop using Unre3D software and relevant services. Once you commence to use Unre3D software and relevant services, you will be deemed to have fully understood and consented to all of the contents of this Policy.
In this agreement, such important contents as exemption or restriction of liability clauses will be in bold for your attention and you should read carefully.
This Policy includes the following contents:
1.  What is personal privacy information?
2.  What information related to you will we collect?
3.  What purpose will we use your information for?
4.  How will we collect information?
5.  Who will we disclose your information to?
6. How will you manage your information?
7.  How will we protect the security of your information?
8.  Applicable scope of the privacy policy
9.  Feedbacks submitted by users
10. Other information.
1.   What is personal privacy information?
Unre3D divides the information in users’ terminals into three types, as follows:
1)    System information: means the information resources of the operating system in most circumstances. Whether it is a PCs or a mobile phone, its application software must invoke the information resources of the operating system to complete the work.
2)   Software information: means the information of various application software downloaded or purchased by users. When application software completes a task, it may invoke the information of other application software. For instance, when you use the Word, the Microsoft’s text editor, the information of the text input software will be invoked to complete the text edit. When you shoot a picture in Unre3D, the camera information will be invoked to complete such shooting.
3)    Personal information: means any information related to a particular individual, including his name, signature, phone number, job title, property transaction information, account number, etc. In this era of internet, photos, private audio and video materials and analyzed relevant facial features data, including such social relationship as friendship and chatting records, are also included in the scope of personal privacy. For the purpose of such mobile terminals as mobile phones, personal privacy also includes users’ contact information, text messages, call records and geographic locations, etc.
2.  What information related to you will we collect?
1)  Generally, you may use part of the services provided by Unre3D without providing any information to Unre3D. However, Unre3D will require you to provide information related to you, for instance, during your account registration or feedback, in respect of certain services. Unre3D will be able to provide you with a complete range of services only after you have completed and submitted the information as required through the relevant procedures.
2)    The personal information Unre3D may collect is shown below:
A.    When you create an Unre3D account, download or update Unre3D software or participate in an online survey or other interactive activities with Unre3D Company, Unre3D will require you to provide your personal information, including but not limited to your name, sex, phone number, email address, postal address, etc.
B. If you log in by other associated means (for instance, WeChat, QQ, etc), we will require the third party to provide your information (for instance, your social account information with the third party authorized by you to share (for example, your head portrait or nickname)) and link your social account with the third party to your Unre3D account, so that you may log in directly through your social account with the third party and use “Unre3D” products and relevant services. We will still require you to provide your personal information which we have required but the third party has failed to provide. If you refuse to provide such information, you may not use certain functions of “Unre3D” software and relevant services normally.
C.  When you purchase Unre3D products or services or participate in marketing activities, Unre3D will collect your personal information, including but not limited to delivery details, bank account No., credit card details, billing address, credit check and other financial information, contact and communication records, etc.
D.  When you use Unre3D products to share your contents with your family or friends, to send information or products or invite others on the Unre3D forum, Unre3D will collect the personal information related to such persons which is provided by you, including name, mailing address, email address and phone number, etc.
E.  When you use and activate Unre3D software for the first time, your mobile user identification information, the only identification code of your mobile device and the approximate geographic location of your mobile device will be sent to Unre3D. The collection of such information will be used to update your system or software or restore the device to factory settings.
F.  When you use the information collection modeling services of Unre3D, your facial imaging data will be collected. A number of photos will be used to produce thumbnail images or models and texture for you to browse the finished effect. When you use the analog adjustment function, your operational process will be recorded.
G. When you use “Unre3D” search services, we will collect such information of your search as the key words, device, etc. In order to provide efficient search services, part of such information will be stored in your local storage device for the time being. You understand and agree if your personal ID cannot be identified through your key word search information, alone or in combination with other information, then during such combined use, we will use your key word search information as your personal information and handle and protect such information together with your search history record in accordance with this “Privacy Policy”.
H. Other cookies or anonymous identifiers, location information, address book, device or application information to optimize software use experience.

3.  What purpose will we use your information for?
Subject to your personal data and privacy not being disclosed, Unre3D shall have the right to carry out technical analysis of user’s data and information and use such statistical data analyzed and processed. You agree that Unre3D may use information related to you for any of the following purposes:
1)   To enable you to register with the Unre3D website, to manage the Unre3D website, products or other services (including the handling of the requests with respect to any search for Unre3D products or services or provision of any relevant information) and enable you to use such services (for instance, blog, open forum or discussion web page);
2)    To evaluate and analyze Unre3D’s market, customers, products and services (including to inquire of you about Unre3D’s products and services and to conduct customer survey);
3)   To enable Unre3D to monitor, review and improve the products and services provided by Unre3D
4)    For internal record;
5)    If you select to receive information about products or promotion activities and other information which Unre3D believes you may be interested in by email and/post at the time of registration, then, Unre3D may use the information related to you in its possession to provide you with the above information;
6)   To conduct free prize draw, prize giving competition or promotion activities; and
7)   To evaluate whether you will be employed if you provide information to apply for a job at Unre3D.
When an affiliate of Unre3D uses information related to you for the purposes above, the above rules will also apply.
4.  How will we collect information?
We will collect information related to you, as follows:
1)    When you create a registration account, download Unre3D software or update such software, participate in an online survey or other interaction activities with Unre3D, Unre3D may collect such information of yours as your occupation, language, post code, area code and the time zone where Unre3D products are located.
2)   At the time of your use, Unre3D may collect relevant information about you recorded by the server; for instance, relevant data concerning such user behavior as uploading, downloading, synchronizing and browsing.
3)    Cookies and information collected by other technical means: Unre3D’s website, online services, interactive application software, email messages and advertising campaign may use cookies and such other technology as pixel tags and web beacons to collect and store your information.
4)    When you visit Unre3D’s server, such Unre3D’s server will automatically record certain log information. Such server log may contain following information: IP address, browser type, browser language, referring page, operating system, and date/timestamp and click stream data.
5)    Unre3D may combine information about you collected with the information provided by you to Unre3D by other means or by a third party to Unre3D. Unre3D may store such information in a common database or a separate database.
6)    Unre3D will reserve the time related to your information and will not exceed the time necessary for the intended use purpose of such information or provided in a contract or by law (and Unre3D will normally delete such information after a user has informed Unre3D that he will no longer use these services). Unre3D will not collect too much information from you, nor will Unre3D collect any information not related to the purpose of such information collection.
5.  Who will we disclose your information to?
1)   Without your prior consent, Unre3D will not disclose your personal information to any third party, except to disclose:
A.  To an affiliate of Unre3D;
B.  Necessary for any working staff, employee, agent, subcontractor, supplier or business partner to provide services to Unre3D or perform certain function on behalf of Unre3D (including providing assistance to marketing, market survey or customer services; managing your membership, providing products or services which Unre3D now or in future will provide to you, or any free prize draw, prize giving competition or promotion activities);
C.   To any professional advisor of Unre3D;
D.   To disclose to buyers or potential buyers of the rights and obligations related to Unre3D’s website; or
E.    To disclose for Unre3D to obtain its legitimate rights and interests or disclose as required or permitted by the law.
2)    You agree that any information submitted by you in any readable environment (for instance, blog, forum and discussion web page) may be disclosed in a similar way. You should take common-sense precautions in respect of any information submitted in such environment and agree that your information will be disclosed in such way for others to read.
3)    You agree that Unre3D may disclose your personal information to any third parties selected with prudence or any third parties listed above. Unre3D will comply with relevant laws, rules and regulations and ensure to make appropriate arrangements so as to make sure that such third parties will not use your personal information for any purpose other than that designated by Unre3D and which is in accordance with this Policy and ensure the safety of such information.
4)    Unre3D may disclose your personal information to an affiliate of Unre3D for the purpose described in this Policy and Unre3D will disclose your personal information only after Unre3D has take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information will be given the same level of protection. Unre3D will not sell your personal information to any third party or make any third party obtain your personal information.
5)   Unre3D will take all reasonable precautions so as to ensure that Unre3D’s working staff and employees who may access information related to you have been trained appropriately and ensure that such working staff and employees will handle such information in accordance with this Policy and Unre3D’s obligations under the data protection laws. In case of any violations, Unre3D will at its discretion take appropriate disciplinary action against such working staff and employees of Unre3D.

6. How will you manage your information?
1) The Company attaches great importance to the management of your personal information and will do its utmost to protect your right to access, modify (update or correct), delete or withdraw consent with respect to your personal information, so that you may have sufficient ability to protect your privacy and security.
2) When you complete your “Unre3D” account registration, log in and have your ID verified reasonably and necessarily, you may access the personal information which you have submitted to “Unre3D” software and relevant services. You understand and agree that you may browse the information submitted by you at any time in normal circumstances by clicking the human-shaped button at the upper right of your client application, but, out of the considerations for security and personal identification, you may not modify certain initial registration information submitted by you at the time of registration by yourself. If you must modify such information, you should contact us by email: issue@unre.com, and we will review relevant issues as soon as possible and give a response after your user ID has been identified.
3) In certain business functions of “Unre3D” software and relevant services, the Company may make decisions on the basis of such non-manual automatic decision-making mechanism as the information system and algorithm. If such decisions have a sufficient adverse effect on your legitimate rights and interests, you will have the right to request us to explain and we will also provide appropriate remedies.
4) In principle, we will not charge any fees in respect of any of the above reasonable requests of yours. However, if any such request is excessive or beyond a reasonable limit, we will charge the cost expenses according to actual situations. We may decline the request which is repeated for no good cause, requires excessive technical means (for instance, a new system must be developed or the existing practice must be changed), poses risks to the legitimate rights and interests of others or is impractical (for instance, related to such information stored in a backup tape).
5) According to the requirements of laws, rules and regulations, we may not respond to you if:
A. Your information is related to national security or national defense security;
B. Your information is related to public security, public health or material public interest;
C. Your information is related to criminal investigation, prosecution, judgment or enforcement of judgment;
D. There is sufficient evidence to prove that you bear ill-will or misuse your rights;
E. Any response to your request will result the legitimate rights and interests of you or other persons or organization being seriously damaged;
F. Your information is related to business secrets;
G. There are such other circumstances as provided by law.
H. If we cease our business, we will stop collection of your personal information promptly and notify you of such cessation by giving you a notice or by a public announcement and delete or anonymize your personal information in our possession.

7.  How will we protect the security of your information?
1)    Unre3D will endeavor to ensure the security of your information. In this regard, Unre3D has taken reasonable measures to protect the security of the information collected by us. The purpose is to protect against your personal information being processed without any authorization or illegally or against any accidental damage to or accidental loss of your personal information. Notwithstanding such measures taken by Unre3D, we cannot guarantee that your information will be safe necessarily if such information is submitted through unsafe channels or transmitted by means.
2)    Unre3D will protect the security of your information by taking the following measures:
A. In appropriate circumstances, your personal information will be stored within the People’s Republic of China by using encryption technology (for instance SSL) or in an anonymous form;
B. In appropriate circumstances, your personal information will be protected by password;
C. Others will be restricted from accessing your information (for instance, only the working staff or employees of Unre3D who need to access your information for the said purpose will be able to access such information);
D. If there occurs any such security incident as disclosure of personal information, the Company will start the contingency plan to keep such security incident from getting worse. If a user information security incident (disclosure or loss) occurs, we will inform you promptly according to the requirements of laws, rules and regulations, as follows: the basic information of such security incident and its possible effect, the measures we have taken and will take, any suggestions for you to prevent and reduce risks and the remedies available to you. We will provide you with the information relevant to such incident by way of pushing notice, mail, letter or short message. If it is difficult to inform one by one, we will make a public announcement in a reasonable and effective way. Meanwhile, we will report the action result with respect to such user information security incident according to the requirements of the regulatory authority.
3)   You should also take appropriate measures by not using easily known login name or password or changing your password from time to time and ensure that you will not divulge your password to any other person so as to protect the security of your information.
4)   Unre3D have made great efforts for the protection of users’ privacy rights, we hope you will understand it cannot guaranteed that the existing security technology measures will keep your personal data and privacy from any losses due to limitation of technology and various possible malicious means, even though all has been done to strengthen security measures. You are fully aware of such matters above and will not hold Unre3D accountable for any legal consequence.

8.  Applicable Scope of the Privacy Policy
1)   Unre3D’s privacy policy does not apply to any products and/or services of any third parties. Unre3D’s products and services may contain the products or services of third parties. When you use or receive the products or services of such third parties, they may obtain your information, therefore, Unre3D hereby reminds you to read such third parties’ privacy policies.
2)    This website may contain links to other sites beyond the control of Unre3D. Unre3D endeavors to ensure that Unre3D will be linked to such websites as comply with the privacy rights and security standards of Unre3D, but if you leave this website, Unre3D will not be able to provide any protection for any information provided by you on such websites, nor will Unre3D guarantee your privacy rights. You should act carefully and read any applicable privacy statements of relevant websites.

9. Change of Privacy Policy
1) In order to provide you with better services, Unre3D’s software and relevant services will be updated and changed from time to time and we will amend this Privacy Policy as appropriate, which amendments constitute part of this Privacy Policy and have the same effect as this Privacy Policy. Without your explicit consent, we will not reduce the rights you are entitled to according to this Privacy Policy in effect now.
2) After this Privacy Policy has been updated, we will publish the updated version through the application client of Unre3D and on the website of Unre3D and appropriately remind you such updated contents before the updated clauses take effect, so that you may be aware of the latest version of this Privacy Policy promptly.
3) We will also provide a conspicuous notice in respect of any material changes (we will explain such specific contents changed by (but not limited) mail, short message, private message or special reminder on the web page).
4) The material changes referred to in this Privacy Policy include but not limited to:
A. Any material changes of our service mode. For instance, the purpose for which personal information is processed, the type of personal information processed, the way personal information is used, etc.
B. Any material changes of our ownership structure or organizational structure. For instance, all changes as a result of business adjustments or bankruptcy or merge;
C. Any change of the main targets whom person information is shared with, transferred or disclosed to;
D. Any material changes of your rights and the exercise thereof with respect to personal information process;
E. Any changes of our department responsible for the security of personal information process, the contact information thereof and the complaint channel;
F. A high risk exists, as shown by the personal information security impact evaluation report.
Feedbacks submitted by Users

1)   You may use this function to provide Unre3D with your user experience and suggestions for improvement at any time, so that Unre3D will provide you with better services.
2)   In order to better solve your problems, Unre3D will collect the IMEI number, operating system, internal identifier of opinion source, feedback report classification, client version number, model of your mobile phone, the contact mail box provided by you and contents of your feedback rather than other information. Such information will be used to determine the source of such problems and the system where it belongs. Unre3D will remind you when such function is used and will execute after your permission has been obtained.
10.  Other Information
Please contact us if you have any special questions:

Unre AI Limited
Address: Building D10-D11, No. 58-60, Lane 3188, Xiupu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Email: issue@unre.com