UNRE 3D Scanning : Support iOS, Android and Windows
UNRE 3D One Shot
Q: What is UNRE One Shot?
A: The UNRE One Shot is a wide angle capture device that provides an easy way to quickly create pefect 3D human face Models.
Q: How does it work?
A: It works for indoor environment with proper light condition. Open the application capture interface, follow the instruction of the application and finish the capture.
Q: What kind of Cameras can be used for UNRE One Shot?
A: Most Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras can be used for the UNRE One Shot. Intel D415 and D435 are supported.
Q: Is the SDK can be provided with the One Shot ?
A: A software d3evelopment kit (SDK) can be provided as a dynamic link library (dll) file to export generated 3D model file and its corresponding texture file.
Q: How to buy the One Shot device?
A: Please contact with business team, or send email to business@unre.com
Q: What Unre 3D Camera U8089 is?
A: The UNRE 3D Camera U8089 is a high precision 3D scanner that exports OBJ, FLY and STL.
Q: What Unre 3D camera U8089 can be use for?
A: The UNRE 3D Camera U8089 can be used for realistic detail face modeling and object scanning.
Q: What kind of OS can U8089 support?
A: The U8089 supports Windows OS 7, Windows OS 8, Windows OS 8.1 and Windows OS 10.